Tips for Candidates

Move to the Head of the Line

Best Ways to Find Your Next Position
• Uncover Hidden Jobs; Get Noticed

Prepare your “CART” Stories Now!
• How to Write a CART Story

How to Write an Eye-Catching Resume
• Grab the Employer's Attention!

Don’t Let the Interview Cost You the Offer

Are you Talking Too Much?
• Why You Might Talk Too Much; How You Can Say “Just Enough”

Make an Strong Impression

How Do You Close a Job Interview?
• Why and How to Prepare Closing Questions

Finish Calm and Strong
• Five Examples of Closing Statements

After the Interview, Are You Thoughtful?
• How and Why to Express Thankfulness

How to talk about Money with your Future Employer

How to Answer: “What Are Your Salary Expectations?”
• When is the Right Time to Talk about Salary?

How to Prep for Salary Negotiations
• Things NOT to do when Discussing Compensation