Tip 9 – Last Impressions Last – Pt. 3

After the Interview, Are You Thoughtful?
(Part 3 of 3)

Expressing Thankfulness – Benefits and Examples

Dear Readers, in Tip 8,  you read about using a closing statement to end the interview with strength and confidence. In Part 3 of this series, we explain why you should follow-up and send a Thank You email.

Sending a Thank You note after the interview is always a good idea if you want to differentiate yourself from those less thoughtful candidates who don’t send a thank you email. Although the interview process has under gone many changes, such as interviewing online, one thing hasn’t changed. Interviewers are humans who want to be appreciated, and when you send a thank you note or email expressing your appreciation for them meeting with you, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness in return. Here is proof that a thankful email will help you stand out even more from candidates who aren’t thankful.
  • 57% of interviewed candidates won’t send a note of thanks
  • 91% of employers like to be thanked in a follow-up email…it makes them feel appreciated
  • 68% of hiring managers report that thank you emails influence their hiring decisions

Ways to Use a Thank You Email

  • Remind the interviewers of your related skills, accomplishments, and attributes
  • Hyper-link your LinkedIn profile, on-line portfolio, etc.
  • Expand on or mention something that you wish you had said during the interview

When to Send the Email

Time your Thank You email to reach the interviewer(s) while the interview is still top of mind and before the hiring decision is made. If the hiring manager indicated that a decision was imminent, be sure to send the email within 24 hours. Sooner is better than later.

Example Subject Lines for the Email

The best approach to ensure your follow-up email is opened is to respond to the latest email thread between you and the hiring manager. If this is impossible because your prior correspondence has been with HR, just include your name, date and time of the interview and position title in the subject line. Examples of other possible subject lines:
  • Follow-up regarding ______________  (position title)
  • Thank you for your time, ___________ (interviewer’s name)
  • Great talking with you today!

What to Include in a Thank You Email

  • If you’ve become that familiar with one another, it is acceptable to open using the interviewer’s first name
  • If things with the interviewer are more formal, open using their titles (e.g. Ms., Mr., Mx.) and last names
  • If the interview involved multiple people and it is at all possible, send a separate email to each of them
  • Express your gratitude and reinforce your continued interest in the position
  • Refer to the organization’s (or department’s) objectives and suggest ways your background and skills will help them succeed
  • Offer to provide the hiring manager with additional information
  • Confirm next steps for a final decision to be made (or when)
  • Include your contact information (email, phone, and LinkedIn profile, if you have one)

Thank You Email Example

Please note, any examples we provide are intended to give you ideas for formatting your own Thank You email, and to show what kind of information should be included. You will want to tailor your email(s) to your circumstances.

Subject Line:
Thank You – Certified Educator Interview – Julia Jones
Dear Mr. Johnson,
I enjoyed speaking with you today about the Certified Educator opening with Mercy Health – St. Rita’s Medical Center. The job seems to be an excellent match with my experience and skills.
The creative approach to curriculum development and program expansion that you described deepens my desire to become a contributing member of your spiritual care team.
Beyond my recent certification as an ACPE Educator, I come to the organization with a record of developing a robust student recruitment strategy that improved both the quality and quantity of applicants. Additionally, I welcome an opportunity to support your vision for growing virtual CPE program offerings.
The time you spent with me is much appreciated. I am very interested in working with you and look forward to hearing from you soon regarding a decision.
With Gratitude,
Julia Jones
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