Pursue your calling with a plan

spirituality in healthcare

Spiritual Care is a calling, as is placement in a healthcare setting. We help you discern where your passion for “spiritual healthcare” may best be fulfilled. More specifically, we learn together whether your background and preferences match a particular healthcare organization’s needs. You may even find that you can best leverage your talents by training or leading others like yourself.

Most spiritual care providers are passionate, empathetic, and committed to serving others. This mindset is key, as too often they are the only people with enough time to truly listen to the patients. In giving of themselves, leaders who specialize with spirituality in healthcare can help remove relational barriers that adversely affect patient care.

Similarly, Thorne Consulting’s search process is advisory in nature. Employers pay our fees, so that issue is “out of mind” for both you and us. We are able to dedicate time to assure the fit between the employer and you, working with both parties to position you for the greatest IMPACT. Spirituality in healthcare helps all involved bring out their “best selves” for the ultimate benefit of patients, families, and staff.

Interview you to learn about your passion, motivation, and “must-haves.”

Map out a path that helps you reach your career objectives.

Present positions with your experiences and preferences in mind.

Advise you about interview preparation, feedback, and employment offers.

Coach you to new levels of achievement and satisfaction in your career.

Transition you for growth in your new role and organizational culture.  

Make the path as straightforward as possible

spirituality in healthcare
You probably want the most rewarding career you can have. We listen closely and help define your goals and conditions for a satisfying match. Then Thorne Consulting partners with you to make that match. We help you present your unique skill set and talents. Our service is personal, never cookie-cutter, and always tailored to fit your unique circumstances and personal lifestyle goals, including a fair compensation package.

For this journey, we have unmatched experience, contacts, and resources. Our expertise allows:

  • Placement of Spiritual Care leaders and CPE Supervisors
  • Career planning and guidance for you to progress in your career
  • Support for individuals moving into spiritual care as a second career
  • Coaching, as needed, for advanced one-on-one or group job search training

To find and step into that opportunity, one that is fulfilling for you, ask Thorne to walk by your side. Introduce yourself to us today while we’re fresh on your mind.

These last two years have been one of the best times in my career. I am grateful you found me and introduced me to my new community at Trinity Health-New England. I'm very happy here, and more importantly our organization is happy with me!

I've had many recruitment calls, but had never met someone who actually understands our field and appreciates what we do. Had you not invested many hours and phone calls, none of this would have been possible. Your work has been a blessing to myself, my family, and my community.

Rev. Stanley Kim, BCC
Director, Spiritual Care
Trinity Health—New England