Proper Career Placement
of Spiritual Care Providers
Delivers Significant Impact

We all share an ongoing search for significance.

We also share a common concern: Our bodies have physical limitations. During a health crisis, people tend to enter into a time of re-evaluating life, and perhaps leaning into others for counsel and care. “Significance” comes into better focus.

Thorne Consulting’s role in this everyday epic is to equip Healthcare Employers with the most qualified Spiritual Care Providers in the field of spiritual wellness. No other firm is better suited.

Do you desire significance? Are you pursuing a call to serve others? We believe our experience and planning will help you deliver the impact you envision.

Make an impact now!

Our Clients
past and present

It’s no exaggeration that I am at the Cleveland Clinic because of the skill and knowledge of Thorne Consulting. I did not even really know I was ready to make a change, but their professional and informative style of communication made me consider a truly life-changing and life-giving move.

Furthermore, when it came time to hire another ACPE supervisor for my center, I immediately contracted with Thorne.

No one knows the particulars of our profession better in terms of career opportunities and market issues than Thorne Consulting.

Rev. Amy Greene, D.Min.
Former Director of Spiritual Care
Center for Spiritual Care
Cleveland Clinic