Tip 8 – Last Impressions Last – Pt. 2

How Do You Close a Job Interview?
(Part 2 of 3)

Finish Calm and Strong

In Part 1 we detailed closing questions and their role in the interview process. Now we delve into the significance of the closing statement. Part 2 of this three part series will highlight the closing statement, and how it may be paired with your closing questions. Intentionally applying the thoughts shared in these articles will help you close the interview with confidence and leave a lasting impression.

Most often your closing statement will come after you ask your closing questions. Or it may be paired with a closing question about next steps (see example below). You want to wrap-up the interview with a strong statement that impresses the interviewer and leaves no doubt that you would be a quality hire. To do so, consider the following elements:

  • Affirm your interest in the position
  • Reiterate your key strengths and experiences (as appropriate)
  • Remain grounded and courteous

Five Examples of Closing Statements

Here are several illustrations of solid closing statements. Practice these and make them your own, so that you are comfortable. Then choose the one that best fits the conclusion of your interview. Deliver the statement with confidence and sincerity, and you will increase your chance of receiving the job offer.

1. Affirm your interest in the position
Ex. – “I have really appreciated learning more about the particulars of this position. Hearing some of the plans for continuing to grow the CPE program, and expanding the department’s capabilities for further integrating spiritual care into overall care delivery, has definitely heightened my interest in the position and its opportunities.”

2. Restate your key skills and experiences
Ex. – “By the way you’ve described the position, I think it’s a really good match with my skill set and experience. I would enjoy contributing my recently gained know-how for developing and offering virtual CPE – and familiarity with accreditation standards – having just completed leading a notation free, six year accreditation review.”

3. Highlight additional skills and experiences
Ex. – “We’ve discussed many of the related skills and experiences that I would bring to the position, but I would like to add that I have planned and implemented several successful student recruiting strategies that increased both the number and quality of program applicants. I would enjoy contributing my knowledge in the position you’ve described.”

4. Combine the closing question and statement
Ex. – “Thank you for taking time to talk with me today, and for considering me for the Educator opening. What’s the next step in the process?” (Pause, breathe and let the interviewer reply and as appropriate add the next sentence). “If there is any additional information you would like for me to provide, I’m happy to as we go forward.”

5. Finish with courteous confidence
Ex. – “Thank you for taking time to interview me. You have provided me with a clear understanding of the position and the department. I am confident that my experiences and skills would add to the quality of service already being provided. I am excited about the prospect of being offered the position and joining the Spiritual Care team.”

Last Impressions…Last

So if you want to make your last impression last, conclude your job interview with one of the example closing statements above, sincerely and naturally. This will impress the interviewer, improve your job search results, and help you get the position you really want.

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