TIP 1 – For Candidates

Tip 1

Networking/Relationship Building – for uncovering the hidden job market

  • Meet a few well-connected people that you already know who will introduce you to few more well-connected people that you don’t know yet
  • Identify 3 – 4 people who are familiar with your past performance and can speak to your future potential
    1.  Set appointments with these people and ask them to review and provide feedback on your resumé/LinkedIn profile, etc.
    2.  Ask if they would be comfortable referring you to people they know are connected in other organizations
    3.  Ask if they’d be willing to, when the time comes, serve as a reference
    1. If no, find out why, and/or find better first-degree connections
      If yes, get the names of 3 – 4 people and their contact information
    • Research your connection’s connections and ask about specific people
    • Network in reverse – start with an opportunity of interest and find out, using LinkedIn, who you know
    • Gives you a five times better chance of finding a job than if you had just emailed your resumé

Applying directly – for moving to the head of the line and differentiating yourself

    • Use on-line postings as a job lead to connect directly to the hiring manager or someone connected to the hiring manager
    • Gives you a nearly seven times better chance of landing a job than if you simply were depending on your resumé

lnformational Interviews – for gathering information, not applying for a job

    1. How they see chaplaincy in the future
    2. What do you/they look for in an applicant/resumé/interview
    3. Examples of interview questions
    4. Ask permission to leave a resumé


    • Spend no more than 20% of your time applying to on-line postings
    • Get introduced (referral) to an organization wherever possible
    • When responding to an on-line posting, apply directly on the organization’s website
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