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Plan to hire the right person—because a bad hiring decision can be very costly in terms of time, money, culture, and credibility. As Dr. Stephen R. Covey says:

“Begin with the End in Mind!”

Knowing the result you want will help you create and manage a process that rewards you with the best available match. This may not come easily.  In fact, it will likely require hard work, creativity, perseverance, teamwork, and focus. All while doing your day-to-day work.

Here are 10 steps that work well:

1.     Know who you’re looking for.
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? But without clarity, hiring managers often fail right here. Don’t forget cultural fit.

2.     Know what you’re recruiting to.
Accurately define the job, the interview process, the final hiring authority, and the total compensation package. If you need any outside help, define that too.

3.     Identify strategic recruiting strategies and resources.
Employ a variety of networking techniques to find prospective candidates. Network directly to identify passive candidates.

4.     Directly share your opportunity with candidates.
Share the history, opportunities, and meaning of the position in alignment with the larger goals of the department and the organization.

5.     Thoroughly screen prospective candidates.
You not only need a good cultural fit. You also need a person who has a history of achieving the outcomes you desire. Screen thoroughly.

6.     Pre-close prospective candidates.
Select candidates who will improve their professional and personal lives by accepting the role. It is also wise to pick ones who possess a real passion for the day-to-day functions and challenges of the job.

7.     Manage a comprehensive and efficient interview process.
Put all decision makers on the same page, and communicate honestly and fully with candidates.  Dig deep and learn who they are. Confirm that you have a match.

8.     Keep in touch.
Maintain communications. Let candidates know you truly remain interested —so they also remain interested. Good candidates will have more than one choice.

9.     Make an offer the candidate can’t refuse.
Make a complete offer that addresses every detail of total compensation.  In addition, it is important to confirm the job title, work week, flexibility of the role, and opportunities for advancement.

10.  Initiate the On-boarding process.
Confirm the offer in writing and complete pre-hire activities.  Then orient your newest employee so that they can quickly transition toward near-term productivity.

Beginning with the end in mind ensures a strong recruitment plan and greater success in hiring the best available spiritual care leader or CPE supervisor for your organization.

For an expanded version of these 10 steps, please contact Thorne Consulting.

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