Accomplish more with customized Coaching

Look at your work life in new and creative ways. Thorne Consulting helps you evaluate where you are—your career, your future, professional relationships, and other challenges. Together we focus on where you want to be and identify what it will take to get you there.

Coaching is a personalized and strategically focused level of our involvement and support. Both incumbent leaders and job seekers pay for this in-depth service for a variety of reasons:

  • Getting "un-stuck" from the status quo
  • Clarifying needs and goals, then acting on them   
  • Resolving personal, professional, or organizational problems
  • Increasing potential in all of these areas

Whether you choose one-on-one or group coaching sessions, you should expect to gain clarity in multiple areas. Clarity that will help you secure the meaningful career you seek–with appropriate responsibility, recognition, and reward.

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    How May We Help You?

    In 2013, with Richard Thorne’s coaching, I became Director of Pastoral Care at Trinity Community. Richard’s responsive approach and expertise equipped me to clarify my creative interest, discern a value-based “good fit,” and engage my employment search with inner confidence. In 2016, I celebrate Trinity’s full accreditation as an ACPE Center, deeply fulfilled in my professional role, relationships, and new life in Dayton, Ohio. Thorne Consulting continues to benefit my professional growth and development.

    Rev. Greta A. Wagner, ACPE Supervisor
    Director of Pastoral Care and CPE
    Trinity Community, a United Church Homes Community (Dayton, OH)